Full color graphics panels on flat acrylic for displays.

The Challenge:

Time goes by. The world changes. New technologies and techniques emerge. We see them as tools. And as toys. A major book publisher asked us to add 4-color graphics to their low volume displays. In the past, this could only be done by 4-color process screen printing. This method is complicated to set up and expensive to produce.

The APS Solution:

We partnered with a local graphics company and produced beautiful full color graphics panels that were printed directly onto flat acrylic sheets. The printer is driven by a digital file provided by our customer. We use our vendor base to extend our manufacturing scope and capability. We see this technology as another drawer in our tool chest.

The Result:

The graphic color is vibrant and true. The resolution of the image exceeds 1,200 dpi. Changes are made by modifying the existing digital file and printing new versions immediately. Lot sizes can be dramatically smaller without raising prices. All in all, a pretty cool tool!

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