Super plating process line.

The Challenge:

A global automotive parts supplier wants to substantially increase plating production at their Ohio parts production factory.

The APS Solution:

This was a great project! Fun to work on and proud to be part of it.

In theory, nickel plating steel is basic chemistry. How much, how long, what concentration, etc.

In reality, when you are plating miles of steel tube around the clock every day, things get very complicated. To meet the production goal required pushing a 1/2” diameter steel tube through a continuous plating, rinse and painting process over 100 yards long. The tanks for this must line up exactly for the process to work non-stop from end-to-end.

For our customer/partner we built plating tanks, reservoirs, stainless steel stands with adjustable leveling feet, containment trays, zinc melt houses, contact stations and a dizzying array of internal components required to keep the steel tube in line and moving forward on its 100-yard journey.

The Result:

Our customer/partner has exceeded their production goal and we are currently building a third line for them. There is no higher compliment a customer can give us than repeat business!

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