Electroplating Danglers

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We custom manufacture our danglers.

Our customer’s specific requirements for size, length, and corrosion protection are priority one.

Manufactured with Precision

We custom manufacture electro-plating danglers to your specific requirements for size, length, and corrosion protection. We start with High quality copper cable cut to size. We then add a protective cable coating and hydraulic press to form and trim the lugs directly onto the cable. The process we use ensures that our danglers will not come apart from the copper cable even under the worst of conditions. If necessary we will assemble a clear P.V.C sleeve around the cable and steel knob to protect from damage during the electroplating process. Our high quality processes and attention to detail sets us apart for all of your electroplating dangler needs!

Electroplating process
copper cable electroplating danglers
electroplating dangler illustration